Who are We?

Welcome to the world of Solace, a multi-disciplinary Mental Health Organisation. It focuses on bio-psycho-socio-spiritual holistic well-being of individuals. We provide Counselling, Psycho-therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Astrology, Numerology & Palmistry services to folks facing various stressful issues & hassles in their different phases of life. Along with that our new initiative focuses on counselling families and individuals struggling with COVID-19.


Relaxation Therapy

Human life is full of worries and tensions that makes us feel stressed out most of the time. Relaxation therapy helps individual of any age group to sit back, relax and breathe. Some of the techniques involve progressive muscle relaxation,etc….

We Will Help You

During counselling, individuals themselves identify their problems, thoughts, behaviors & emotions associated with it and solutions to it.


Love is enough to sustain a bond between two people- This notion couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Anxiety is experienced in terms of constant, persistent and intrusive worry. You could find yourself experiencing.

Self Confidence

We are all inherently born worthy but some experiences make us question it. Self-worth, self-care,etc.

Work Stress

We all bring our personal experiences and attitude at work. Employees and managers find it easier to work .

COVID-19 Stress

Cope your stress of COVID-19, be positive & know your inner strengths through positive mind & strong will power.

An Awesome Team of Counsellors

All of our Counsellors hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and undergo over 400+ hours of rigorous training and supervision.

Stress Counseling

Counseling helps you identify triggers and negative thought patterns and offer techniques to cope with them. Find out what all a counselor can help with here.

What Our Patients Say

Ready to Get Started?

You can speak to counsellor anytime of the day for Counseling, Assessment and Consultation. Feel free to explore our interactive exercises that are formulated by Psychologists and is available online.